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Top 10 Healthy Food Swaps For Weight Loss - Weight Loss Guide

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Top 10 Healthy Food Swaps For Weight Loss - Weight Loss Guide

Leaving your favorite food behind to get an ideal body weight can sometimes be heart-wrenching. You do not always have to give up on what you like.

All you have to do is swap your favorite food with something healthy and equally (or in some cases) delicious and mouth-watering foods and meals.

If you have had a tough time swapping on your own, do not worry. We bring you some fascinating food swaps for weight loss that will keep you in well-maintained body weight and keep your hunger and untimely cravings satiated. All you have to do is follow what we have for you in this post.

We bring you some of the most delicious food swaps to swap with your daily not-so-healthy snacks. These food swaps are not just what you need for losing some extra weight and getting in shape but will also ensure that your body remains in good overall health.

So, read on and swap your unhealthy snacks with these fantastic weight loss food swaps and get in shape faster.

Top 10 Healthy Food Swaps For Weight Loss

#1 Swap Breakfast Cereal With Oatmeal

Suppose you are habituated to having cereals in your breakfast. In that case, it is time for you to say goodbye to your breakfast cereals.

Cereals may lead to some serious health issues because of the added sugars, flavors, and preservatives.

You can bid farewell to breakfast cereals for multiple reasons and will be rather thankful about it.

Breakfast cereals may cause gastrointestinal health issues because of additives. You can substitute breakfast cereals with oatmeal since they provide numerous health benefits.

You may feel more pleased to add oatmeal to your meals, especially breakfast when you get to know that oatmeal helps you reduce weight faster.

There are multiple health benefits associated with oatmeal and not simply losing weight. Although you can shed some extra fat quickly and effortlessly with the help of oatmeal, it also helps to decrease risks associated with high blood pressure and helps lower cholesterol levels.

#2 Swap Mayonnaise For Mustard Paste

Swap mayonnaise for mustard paste for a yummy, delicious taste to add to your meals. Mayonnaise may be excellent and moisturizing for your hair if you use it as a home remedy.

However, it may not be suitable for your health if you continue to add it to your meals for a different taste.

Mayonnaise should be swapped with mustard paste because of multiple reasons. If you continue to consume mayonnaise, the effects may be adverse to your health in the long run.

Use mustard paste instead. Mustard has remarkable abilities to help you maintain a healthy weight while also being friendly and beneficial to your gut health.

Mustard paste simply makes your meals more delicious. It keeps you from gaining extra weight that you may gain due to the continued consumption of mayonnaise. Also, suppose you do not want your blood sugar level heightened.

In that case, it is highly recommended that you use mustard paste since it is rich in antioxidants and contains nutrients that help you lose weight faster.

#3 Instead Of Pasta Or Noodles, Try Spiralized Vegetables And Fruit

The best alternative for deep-fried noodles and pasta is spiralized vegetables and fruit. It is not only healthy and promotes weight loss effortlessly but also ensures that your desire to eat pasta or noodles is well met.

You can satiate your cravings for pasta by having spiralized vegetables and fruits for the healthy maintenance of weight.

Losing weight can be challenging because of the food that we consume. It becomes difficult for us to stick to tasteless, boiled diet food that includes vegetables and fruits, making it even less attractive.

You can change the game instantly, and you can make your plate of vegetables and fruits fun and attractive to consume by spiralizing it.

Acknowledge the fact that the healthiest way to lose weight is by consuming fruits and vegetables. No matter how sweet and tasty these vegetables and fruits may appear, they automatically lose their attraction in your eyes when you have to consume them dutifully.

Spiralizing your fruits and vegetables is fun to lose weight while meeting your untimely cravings.

#4 Swap Butter With Avocado Mash

Say goodbye to butter and margarine. It is time that you finally quit them both. You may find it delicious to have margarine or butter on a slice of bread for breakfast or a light evening meal. Still, you must understand the harm you are gradually causing yourself.

It is time to make a healthy swap. Use avocado mash instead of using whole fat butter or processed margarine. There are several health benefits associated with avocado.

Using its mash as a spread in place of butter can help you attain those benefits. If you wish to maintain healthy body weight, it is undeniably inevitable to quit butter.

Using avocado mash in place of butter can add more taste to your toast, cookies, or nachos. You can enjoy all the health benefits of avocado in one bite, including shedding some extra weight.

Since avocado is a rich source of fiber, it plays a vital role in helping you maintain a healthy body weight. More so, avocado has been known for its incredibility in helping you reduce the most challenging body fat— belly fat.

#5 Open-Faced Sandwich Is A Much Better Choice

Did you know you can eat a sandwich while still maintaining a healthy body weight? You can maintain healthy and ideal body weight by consuming a sandwich but with a few alterations to make it a perfect meal for weight loss.

You are used to eating closed-faced sandwiches and swapping them with open-faced ones. Having a double slice can lead to increased weight gain and many health issues due to increased amounts of sodium.

With an open-faced sandwich, you can win the war against hunger while ensuring that your weight remains under control.

You may wonder why you should swap your regular sandwich with an open-faced one. When you eat an open-faced sandwich, you consume lower amounts of calories while also ensuring that you consume lower amounts of sodium.

When trying to lose weight, an open-faced sandwich will keep your hunger satiated and make you feel fuller for longer.

#6 Olive Oil Instead Of Any Other Cooking Oil

Quit using your regular cooking vegetable oil and swap it with olive oil if you want to lose weight in no time. In comparison with other cooking fats such as butter or animal fat, olive oil is a much safer choice for your body weight and your overall health.

Regular edible oils lead to quicker weight gain. They even play a vital role in elevating cholesterol levels in your blood, leading you to several heart diseases and many other risks associated with your health.

While consuming too much olive oil may give you adverse results. However, by using it in appropriate proportions, you can enjoy the many health benefits of olive oil.

Olive oil helps you maintain a healthy weight while also ensuring that your heart remains healthy. It promotes the feeling of satiety, which you refrain from bingeing on refined oils. More so, olive oil has reduced belly fat which is the most difficult fat to get rid of.

#7 Add Some Spice To Your Egg

It is time that you add eggs to your meal. Eggs can help you gain weight or even lose some, depending on what part of the egg you consume. The egg contains the yolk and egg white.

While the egg white helps you lose weight, egg yolk can lead to gaining weight. So, the choice lies in your hand. If you want to use eggs to lose weight, then here is what you need to know.

Egg whites help you lose weight effortlessly and quickly, but eating them alone may become tiresome. You may not want to continue to eat it. Therefore, you can always spice up your egg to make it tastier and mouth-watering.

You can create an airy omelet using coriander and add some chili flakes to make it worth the taste.

You can transform simple egg white into whatever dish you like, adding spices and ingredients that elevate its taste, making it less boring to eat.

You should understand that egg whites help you lose weight quickly and are also good for your heart. Add ground turkey to make a scrambled egg, or you can use spinach and jalapeños to make a green omelet.

#8 Swap Soda With Seltzer

Is giving up on soda difficult? Is there a swap for soda water too? Yes, there is! Seltzer water is the best alternative to soda.

You can enjoy sparkling water without worrying about soda water's adverse effects on your weight when you swap it for seltzer.

Leaving soda for seltzer may not be easy. You should know that soda water has several adverse effects on your body, including weight gain.

Seltzer is a much safer choice than a soda, and it keeps you hydrated and has also been proven to be effective in helping you lose weight.

Consuming soda water regularly may satiate your thirst and give you a refreshing burst. Still, it may not suit your body, including the heart.

Soda is known to have promoted weight gain and obesity, leading people to develop type 2 diabetes and several kidney, liver, and heart diseases.

#9 Eat Whole Fruit Instead Of Drinking Its Juice

Fruits should be eaten instead of drunk in the form of juice. Juice brands may add preservatives and ingredients to the juice that may lead to increased body weight rather than serving you your primary purpose of consuming fruits in the form of juice — losing weight. Eating fruits is much more beneficial than consuming them in the form of liquid.

Fruits help you lose weight faster and effectively, allowing you to feel fuller for longer. Drinking their juice may provide you with nutrients that help in weight loss, but it will not make you feel fuller for longer.

Even after consuming calories by drinking fruit juice, you will want to have more, and as a result, you may end up eating more than you should.

This is clear evidence that drinking fruit juices may lead you to eat more and gain weight. Your main objective in consuming fruits is to lose weight and get in ideal shape.

You are highly unlikely to achieve that goal if you continue to consume fruits in their liquid form. It is best recommended to eat whole fruit rather than drink its juice.

#10 Go For A Taco Night Instead Of A Whole Meal Dinner

Grab a taco for dinner and skip the whole portion meal. Instead of having a full platter for dinner, try stacking up your taco with healthy ingredients that help you lose weight. There are several reasons why tacos serve best in place of a whole meal.

You can add ingredients of your choice. Add vegetables like spinach or cabbage with a dash of chili flakes. If you want to have a meaty taco, you can always have the option of turkey breast available.

Use ground turkey as your meat in the taco with cottage cheese. Cottage cheese will help satiate your craving for whole-fat cheese without letting you put on some extra weight.

You can have a single taco and still feel fuller. As a result, you will eat less and not even feel the need to eat more.


Losing weight is never about giving up on food, and all you have to do is make smart choices. Just swap your unhealthy choices with healthy ones.

Use spices such as cayenne pepper to add some taste to your food while keeping your heart healthy. Make use of the food swaps ideas mentioned in this post. And you are good to go.



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