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Weight Loss Herbal Tea

There is no single weight-loss method that works for all. For some, exercise works better, and for other dietary restrictions. However, many people do want an obesity management method that does not require taking extreme measures. Thus, they prefer taking pills, supplements, medications, and so on.

One such safe and simple way of weight loss is consuming herbal tea more frequently. Of course, there are many herbal teas and not just regular tea that comes from the tea plant or Camellia sinensis. One can use various herbs to prepare tea. Moreover, one can infuse tea with various herbs.

What is good about tea is that it does not require much effort to include in daily life. However, it is a highly safe method. 

There are many reasons why herbal tea may help reduce body weight. One of the most significant reasons is the content of flavonoids called catechins in tea. However, that is not all, as herbal tea is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and many other beneficial compounds.

Even if tea does not help significantly, drinking tea is an enjoyable activity. It is a tasty and pleasurable way to good health.

Here it is vital to understand that there is no tea that would help lose much weight or in a short time. Tea for weight loss would only work when used for prolonged intervals, like for several months. Moreover, it is more likely to help when combined with other lifestyle interventions like dietary measures and exercise.

How may tea help burn fat?

Help reduce visceral fat or central obesity

Teas, green tea, brown tea, and oolong tea are all rich in catechins. These flavonoids are pretty good for burning visceral fats. Here it is vital to understand that many people are able to lose bodyweight. However, they have a problem flattening their tummy.

Studies show that tummy fat or visceral fat is especially bad for health. It is terrible for liver health and the working of the digestive system. A higher level of visceral fats is also associated with a greater risk of diabetes and other metabolic disorder.

Thus, drinking herbal tea not only helps in weight loss but also promotes burning fat where it is needed most, like visceral fat.

Boost formation of brown fat cells

It is a new understanding of how fat tissues work in the human body. Researchers now know that there are two kinds of fat tissues: white adipose tissues (WAT) and brown adipose tissues (BAT).

WAT and BAT are quite different from one another. WAT is often called bad fat cells as they are merely fat stores, and they also secrete inflammatory enzymes called adipokines. Thus, a high level of white fat accumulation in the body is associated with a significantly greater risk of metabolic disorders.

On the other hand, BAT is metabolically active, and they promote the utilization of fats for energy needs. It appears that one of the lesser-known ways in which herbal teas and various other natural supplements work is by stimulating the production of BAT.

A higher number of BAT means increased resting metabolic rate and high mobilization of fats for energy needs. All this means that regularly drinking a few cups of unsweetened tea or herbal tea may help lose body weight by promoting BAT production.

Thermogenic effect

The herbal tree is generally thought to have a thermogenic effect. It means increased heat production by the body and a higher metabolic rate. This effect occurs due to the impact of phytocompounds on fat cells and the liver. This ultimately helps a person lose bodyweight with minimal effort.

Replace mindless snacking

Obese people find it challenging to give up food. This is because they are generally people used to frequent snacking. For them, consuming less food or eating less frequently is quite a challenge. Thus, one of the weight loss strategies is to replace high-calorie foods with healthy and low-calorie foods. Tea help reduces the urge to eat frequently and prevent mindless snacking. Thus, it can contribute to weight loss.

Boost metabolism

As already mentioned, herbal teas (green tea, black tea, other herbs) help boost metabolism and thus improve basal metabolic rate.

Help substitute high-calorie drinks

The weight loss journey does not have to be boring. Else it cannot continue for long. Drinking green tea, other herbal teas, instead of regular coke, packed juices, alcoholic drinks is a much better and healthier option. One can enjoy a cup of tea in many ways. Tea could be infused with herbs, berries, and even spices. It would be correct to say that low sugar or unsweetened teas are excellent low-calorie beverages.

Help overcome bloating & improve gut health

Most herbal tea, including black tea, may help improve gut health and reduce bloating. This may also help improve satiety and boost metabolism, which may ultimately result in reduced body weight.

Help reduce stress

Stress is one of the under-realized causes of binge eating and obesity. However, no one can negate the relaxing impact of a cup of tea. In many countries, tea is not just a beverage. It is a part of culture and ceremonies. Enjoying a cup of tea can help reduce the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol and thus considerably reduce the risk of obesity.

Green tea for weight loss

There are many kinds of teas one can use for weight loss. Nevertheless, regular green tea is the best and most time-tested way of weight loss among all the options. Moreover, it is proven to be safe and sound for many other health conditions. 

It hydrates, boosts metabolism, enhances regenerative processes, is rich in antioxidants, and has many well-known bioactive compounds. Green tea is an excellent source of polyphenols that may help prevent numerous chronic ailments associated with obesity. 

However, researchers think that green tea consumption leads to weight loss due to its epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) content. These catechins also have a potent antiaging effect.

Another compound that has received increasing attention in recent years is L-theanine. Green tea is one of the best sources of this compound. It is frequently promoted as a potent nootropic. However, now studies show that this amino acid has many other health effects. 

L-theanine is good for boosting metabolism, weight loss, cardiovascular health, immune system, and much more.

Another way in which green tea may help is due to its excellent effect on brain health. It may improve focus, energy level, physical activity levels, and much more.

Green tea for weight loss is a clinically proven remedy. In addition, studies show that its regular intake may help considerably. 

In one of the clinical trials in 115 obese women, green tea could help considerably reduce central obesity. In the study, 12 weeks of green tea consumption along with lifestyle interventions helped reduce body weight by more than 5%. Not only that, but green tea consumption also had a positive impact on the lipid profile.

Researchers think that there are many other ways in which green tea may help, like reduced appetite due to its impact on ghrelin (hunger hormone) and also its ability to reduce levels of adipokines and thus inflammation.

Rosehip tea for weight loss



Rosehip is a fruit of the rose, also called rose haw. It grows in specific varieties of rose and is generally orange or red in color. 

Most people do not know that the rose plant produces this pulpy and berry-like fruit as it is only found in specific species of rose only. Moreover, most roses grown these days do not produce this kind of fruit. This fruit of rose called rosehip has many health benefits.

Rosehip is good for hair, skin, blood pressure, relieving stress, and it naturally has a fantastic aroma. Thus, it is also suitable for brewing herbal tea. Studies show that rosehip tea can be good for metabolic health. Moreover, studies show that it is also quite effective for weight loss.

In one of the clinical trials, researchers prescribed rosehip to 32 obese women for 12-weeks. There were no other dietary interventions. They found that rosehip helped reduce body fat even without dietary measures. Moreover, all users could tolerate it well and did not report any side effects. It seems that rosehip is an aromatic and healthy way of reducing body weight and countering obesity.

Hibiscus tea for weight loss and metabolic disorders



Hibiscus is yet another commonly grown flowering plant that also has many health benefits. It appears that there are many varieties of hibiscus. For example, H. sabdariffa is quite suitable for reducing blood pressure.  But commonly grown variety of the plant called H. rosasinensis is also suitable for metabolic health.

Hibiscus tea is not just good for weight loss but also for managing metabolic disorders. Thus, studies show that it may help reduce bad cholesterol blood sugar levels and even exert anti-diabetic action.



Although there is not enough research to understand how hibiscus helps, it appears to reduce the activity of amylase, and thus quite like many anti-obesity drugs, it may suppress digestion of carbs.

Peppermint tea for weight loss



Peppermint has a wonderful aroma and cooling effect. Therefore, it is among the most commonly used natural extract to improve the aroma and flavor of various foods. 

However, most people do not realize that peppermint is also a medicinal plant. It is quite suitable for improving digestion, relieving tension, boosting energy levels, improving sleep, and much more.

Drinking peppermint regularly could be one of the ways of inducing weight loss. It may help due to its effect on mood, metabolism, and so on. 

Rooibos tea for weight loss



Rooibos tea has excellent hydrating properties, and thus it is pretty good for accelerated rehydration. In addition, studies show that it is abundant in antioxidants, flavonoids, phenolic acids, and many other beneficial compounds. 

It is unclear how rooibos tea helps. Nevertheless, it is pretty good for managing various metabolic disorders. Moreover, it is quite likely to help due to its rich content of antioxidants or some lesser-known ways.

Whatever be the mechanism of action, it promotes the burning of fat. Therefore, it may be good when used alone or in combination with other lifestyle interventions.

Herbs infused teas for weight loss



Last but not least, it is worth understanding that most commercially available herbal teas combine multiple ingredients. They are often infused with other beneficial herbs like lemon, ginger, lavender, mint, chamomile, jasmine, etc.

It appears that herb-infused teas could be one of the better ways of weight loss. These teas have all the benefits of regular tea along with some of the benefits of other herbs. Such teas are also more pleasant to drink on a regular basis as one can choose the flavor of one’s liking.

Final thoughts



Using herbal tea for weight loss is not the most effective way, but surely the safest and most pleasant way for weight loss. One can drink green tea or other herbal teas as often as one like. Thus, those looking for weight loss need to substitute their favorite beverages with herbal teas. Additionally, tea infused with herbs and spices can have added benefits for metabolic health.

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