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Weight Loss without Exercise

Many people wrongly associate exercise with weight loss. It is true that exercise helps in weight loss, but not considerably. Exercise is mainly recommended to improve the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health and prevent metabolic disorders.

Simply said, exercise has innumerable health benefits, and that is why everyone must be engaged in physical activity regularly. However, exercise is not essentially the best weight loss method.

Just consider the fact that 30 minutes of exercise barely burns 300 calories. Even a standard chocolate bar may have twice more calories. It means that weight loss solely through exercise is highly challenging.

Not only that, there are other reasons why exercise fails to help in weight loss. For example, exercise may stimulate appetite in many. Thus, many people may rather gain weight after starting an exercise program.

Therefore, it is worth understanding that exercise is mainly for health benefits. Additionally, exercise may also help counter some severe side effects of weight loss measures. Thus, though we strongly recommend exercising regularly, it should not be seen as the sole or most effective weight-loss method.

Here are some of the weight loss methods without exercise.

Cut down daily calorie intake



As already explained, that burning calorie is a demanding task. Thus, the most effective way of weight loss is reducing daily calorie intake. 

There are just two main reasons for obesity, high-calorie intake and low-calorie expenditure. Among them, high-calorie intake is the primary cause. 

There are many ways of calorie restrictions. But the most effective way is calorie counting. One needs to plan a diet accurately by counting the calories of all foods one eats during the day.

There could be many diets, some more aggressive and others less aggressive, and which diet should use depends on the weight loss target.

For example, if the weight loss target is moderate, like losing 5-7% body weight in 3-6 months, then perhaps 1800 calorie diet would be perfect. It is not very deficient in calories and is also suitable for meeting the requirements of micronutrients. Moreover, it is one of the safest diets, making very few compromises.

1800 calorie diet is relatively simple to plan, and one can still continue to have three usual meals and two to three snacks a day. Here, one only needs to reduce the intake of high-calorie foods like fats and fast-absorbing carbs. Thus, for example, one may exclude fried foods, reduce intake of vegetable oils, reduce intake of starchy vegetables, etc.

However, diets like 1200 calories or 800 calories a day are more challenging to practice as they require much planning and calorie restriction. But then, these diets are excellent for fast weight loss, and most people can expect to lose several pounds each month with these diets and even reverse diabetes.

However, highly restrictive diets like 800 to 1200 calorie diets have some issues like they are unsafe if practiced for long. Generally, one should not practice such restrictive diets for more than six months without consulting a doctor. This is because these diets may lead to severe nutritional deficiencies in the long term. 

Switching to vegan diet or keto diet



There are many reasons why these popular diets work. They result in calorie restriction without a person even realizing it. Moreover, significant changes in dietary habits may also cause weight loss and changes in metabolism levels.

Just take an example of a vegan diet. Switching to such a diet may be challenging for many western people consuming animal-based products. This is because animal-based foods are inherently high in calories. 

However, when people switch to a vegan diet, they struggle to get enough calories. There is much learning curve involved. If cooked without using many vegetable oils, plant-based foods are low in calories. It means that one can expect significant weight loss after switching to a vegan diet.

However, a vegan diet may not work for all. For example, it may not work for certain ethnic groups like South Asians. It is because South Asian vegan cuisine is high in calories due to the extensive use of vegetable oils and consumption of starchy vegetables (like potatoes) and a whole lot of grains and rice.

Another way is to switch to diets like the keto diet. Such a diet would work for most people. The keto diet works on a simple principle. It involves giving up most of the carbs but consuming sufficient proteins and increasing intake of fats. Thus, it is a diet with carbs less than 10%, proteins 20-30%, and rest are fats.

The Keto diet works due to the mobilization of fats in the body. It occurs because the body switches to ketone bodies for its energy needs. Ketone bodies are an alternative source of energy. However, the keto diet tries to make it a primary energy source.

Those switching to the keto diet must know a few things, like there are many sub-types of the keto diet. Thus, there is a less restrictive keto diet, high protein keto diet, and even low-calorie keto diet. Therefore, for highly obese individuals, a low-calorie keto diet may work better than a regular keto diet.

Of course, there are many other popular diets like the paleo diet. However, it isn't easy to practice as it eliminates all foods that humans cultivate. Instead, it relies on grass-fed meat, berries, and organic veggies. But one needs to give up all the grains, industrial foods, and much more.

Intermittent fasting



It is another way of calorie restriction. Nonetheless, it cannot be regarded as a diet form, and it is rather a type of dieting method. 

The popularity of intermittent fasting is growing due to its ease of use. It is among the easiest yet healthy ways of restricting calorie intake. 

Moreover, substantial observational data shows that intermittent fasting is safe and sound. People have practiced intermittent fasting for ages. For example, fasting in Ramadan by Muslims or 40 days fast by Christians when preparing for Easter are all examples of intermittent fasting.

The good thing about intermittent fasting is that there are no hard and fast rules, and it means that one can use a fasting method that fits into their lifestyle. For example, in intermittent fasting, one does not necessarily need to give up all foods while fasting. Thus, for example, one can still eat some food on fasting days.

Take an example of some of the most popular intermittent fasting methods like 2:5 fasting. It means having a regular diet on 5 days but severely limiting calorie intake on the rest of the two days. Thus, one may consume just 500 calories on a fasting day. Or one can practice mono-diet on fasting days by consuming fruits on those days.

Another good way of intermittent fasting that works for most people is 16:8. In this method, one fast for 16 hours a day but can eat whatever a person likes for the rest of the eight hours. Since a person sleeps for about 8 hours a day, it is a relatively simple way of fasting. Moreover, as a person can eat everything that one likes during the rest of 8 hours, it means minimal risk of nutritional deficiencies.

It is also good about intermittent fasting because it can boost basal metabolic rate. Intermittently limiting calorie intake means mobilizing body fats and increasing energy expenditure even while resting.

Control plate and portion size



People who consume many calories during the day have a habit of eating food in large portions. Thus, they also have increased stomach size. Although they know that they should eat less food, they find it challenging to control their appetite. Moreover, they are not aware of what is average portion size is.

One of the pretty simple measures is just buying portion control plates or plates of smaller sizes. However, it is better to purchase portion control plates created explicitly for the purpose. These palates have a specific marked place for grains, veggies, and even grains. Such portion control plates help raise awareness.

Eat more dietary fiber



An average adult should consume 25-30 g of dietary fiber daily. However, studies show that the western diet is highly deficient in dietary fiber. They are consuming less than 20 g of dietary fiber a day. Here it is vital to understand that obese individuals need to consume even more dietary fiber than an average adult. Thus, one should aim for 30-50 g of dietary fiber daily.

There are many ways of getting dietary fiber, and one may use supplements like psyllium husk or oats fiber. However, it is better to get dietary fiber through increased whole foods and certain vegetables and fruits. For example, a cup of black beans has about 15 g of fiber. 

Dietary fiber work in many ways, and it may help alter appetite and make a person feel fuller for longer. Dietary fiber also has many metabolic effects. It can lower cholesterol, reduce the absorption of glucose, alter gut motility, and positively influence gut microbiota.

Among foods, unprocessed and whole fruits and vegetables are perhaps the best way to increase dietary fiber intake.

Drink more water



One of the simple ways of weight loss without exercise is through increased water intake. Additionally, it is worth understanding that drinking more water is especially good and high dietary fiber intake.

There are many ways in which high water intake can help. First, it can help reduce total calorie intake, especially when consumed in place of sweetened beverages. It may also help a person feel fuller and much more.

The best way to increase water intake is to use water bottles. For example, one can drink about two liters of water a day. Since water is also present in foods. It would result in a total daily water intake of about 3 liters, almost twice the minimum daily need. 

Increase protein intake



Dietary measures are not merely about restricting calorie intake. Perhaps, even more important is to make qualitative changes in the body. Thus, one should reduce carbs intake, consume high-quality fats, and boost intake of proteins.



Proteins are building blocks of the body. Therefore, they help increase muscle mass, which may further help burn calories. But not only that, but high protein intake also alters satiety and thus alters food-seeking behavior.

Additionally, a high proteins diet is good for muscles and brain health. This may help boost brain function, reduce stress levels, and thus aid in weight loss.

Use weight loss supplements



Natural weight loss supplements work pretty well when used along with other weight loss methods like dietary measures. They may not work alone, but they are pretty good for supporting other weight loss efforts. 

Natural supplements work in many ways. They help reduce appetite, reduce the absorption of fats and carbs, and have a thermogenic effect. They help burn fat without exercise by increasing basal metabolic rate.

But that is not all, and weight loss supplements are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. This may significantly help reduce stress caused by a weight loss diet. Moreover, these phytocompounds may also help prevent and manage metabolic disorders frequently associated with obesity. 

Consider weight loss pills



Finally, it is worth understanding that seeming medical treatment is also an option. Although most nations still view obesity as a risk factor for various ailments, things change fast. Some professional medical associations now view obesity as a disease and thus something that must be treated.

Many medications work in different ways. Some alter appetite, others metabolic rate, some are anti-diabetic drugs that help by reducing insulin resistance, and much more.

Final thoughts



Weight loss is quite challenging. Once a person gains weight, it appears that it becomes a new normal for that person – it is especially true for those living with obesity for long. Thus, it seems that even the body resists weight loss. But, of course, another reason why weight loss is challenging is due to some pre-existing habits and food addiction. 

There is no single method that works for all, and some gain better results through exercise, others via dieting. Hence, those looking to reduce their body weight should explore various options. Moreover, combining multiple ways is also safe and suitable.

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