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Top 17 Weight Loss Smoothie Diet - The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide 

Weight loss smoothie is one of the healthy yet pleasant ways to cut down calorie intake and manage obesity. Most smoothies are healthy, packed with nutrients, and yet moderately rich in calories.

The term smoothie is used to describe a thick and smooth drink made with pureed fruits or vegetables, along with milk, yogurt, or ice cream. Since smoothies are packed with dairy products and fruits, they are quite healthy and can be a complete food.

Smoothies may help in weight loss in many ways



Smoothies are good in the way that it is a form of liquid diet, something that is quite good for liver and body detox.

Another good thing about a liquid diet is that it helps cleanse intestines and alters gut flora and may help carry out some positive changes in the gut epithelium. Studies show that in obese individuals, the gut epithelium is altered significantly.

Additionally, as one can guess, smoothies are generally made using aroma-rich fruits and berries rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It means that they can help not only prevent micro nutritional deficiencies but may also exert a therapeutic effect because of their high antioxidant content.

Smoothies also contain many beneficial bioactive compounds that are poorly understood by science. Nonetheless, these bioactive compounds have many healing properties.

Smoothies are not very low in calories. However, unlike sweetened beverages, they are high in slow-absorbing carbs and fats. Thus, they provide enough energy to keep moving throughout the day, and yet they help with weight loss.

As smoothies often contain dairy products, it means that they are rich in proteins. However, it is not rare to add protein powder to smoothies to boost their health benefits and boost metabolism.

Smoothies are naturally rich in high-quality fats when it comes to fats. However, it is common practice to add other healthy fat-rich foods to smoothies like nuts, Avocado, and even MCT oil. This helps a person feel fuller for longer hours.

One of the secret elements of healthy smoothies is dietary fiber. It is generally good to add oats, chia seeds, flaxseeds, hem seeds, green vegetables, and smoothies. Dietary fiber is good for gut health and slows down carbs and fats' absorption.

Generally, one should avoid adding sugar to smoothies. However, if one wants to sweeten smoothies, it is better to use naturally sweet fruits, honey, frozen yogurt, or ice cream. 

If appropriately implemented, there is much evidence that a liquid diet can help with fast weight loss. Not only that, it may help reverse metabolic disorders like diabetes. 

For example, one of the most extensive studies to date shows that using a low-calorie liquid diet for six months can help reduce obesity in most cases and may even help reverse moderately severe diabetes in almost half of all cases.

Researchers did not believe that reversing severe metabolic diseases like diabetes was possible for decades. But now, there is little doubt that it is possible with the help of smoothies or a liquid diet. 

How to use smoothies for weight loss?



One of the essential aspects here is learning to add smoothies to lifestyle wisely. One may use smoothies to substitute solid food completely. However, that may not be an option for everyone. It is very challenging to stay healthy solely on a liquid diet. Nonetheless, one can try for shorter periods, like three months, to get fast results.

However, a more practical and healthy approach is partially replacing meals with healthy smoothies. For example, you can have two regular meals during the day, skip one meal like lunch, and instead have a smoothie.

When introducing smoothies as a part of a diet, it is vital to learn a number of different recipes. Additionally, calorie counting is also vital for proper dietary planning.

Let's look at some of the smoothies to get a flat belly fast.

Berry Belly Fat Smoothie



It is a perfect choice for those who like the aroma of berries. It will remind you of summer and improve your mood. This smoothie can be rightly called berry blast. Fortunately, these days frozen berries are available all year round. Thus, one can prepare this smoothie just any time of the year. It is also high in fatty acids, CLA, dietary fiber, and moderately rich in calories. It's a kind of smoothie that would improve your mood, help flatten the belly, get rid of stubborn visceral fat, and yet it has an amazing aroma. You can learn its recipe here.

Crio Bru Smoothie



The good thing about smoothies is that there is a smoothie for every taste. There are people who do not like too many berries or green vegetables. Instead, they prefer chocolate, nuts, and similar ingredients. If you are among those, then this smoothie is for you as it is made with cocoa, bananas, cashew, some cauliflower for distinct flavor and texture. It is moderately rich in calories, providing 300 calories per serving. It is rich in high-quality carbs, fats, proteins, and dietary fibre. Learn to make this smoothie here.

Peanut Butter Blueberry Banana Smoothie



This smoothie is really easy to make as it requires just six ingredients. This antioxidant smoothie differs in color and aroma due to its high content of blueberries. However, it also contains enough calories due to peanut butter to keep you energized for a whole day. And yes, blueberries also help reduce the risk of metabolic disorders and are believed to be good for vision. Learn to make this smoothie here.

Tropical Turmeric Smoothie



What could be a better thing to complement smoothies made of berries than tropical smoothies. It is quite unique and reminds of some of the tropical parts of South Asia. This particular smoothie contains fruits like pineapple, mango, turmeric, and coconut milk benefits. It will definitely bring back the memories of tropical vacations. But not only that, but it is also suitable for reducing inflammation and is high in MCTs. You can learn to make this smoothie here.

Avocado Smoothie with Boba



These days no conversation about healthy food is complete without talking about Avocado. So, here is a healthy smoothie containing Avocado and basil. To learn more about this smoothie, click here. 

Superfood Sunshine Orange Smoothie



Citrus foods have a special place in the human diet as they are rich in vitamin C and many other beneficial phytocompounds. Orange color also means lots of carotenoids and vitamin A. This smoothie is also packed with dietary fiber, almond milk, hemp seed, and ginger. Learn to make this smoothie here.

Banana Peach Smoothie



This smoothie is packed with minerals containing peaches, bananas, and spinach. Oats are added to provide carbs and dietary fibre. It is enriched with hemp seeds. These days it is a common practice to add hemp seeds to various smoothies as they are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Get your recipe for this smoothie here.

Kiwi Cucumber Smoothie



Some people like green smoothies that are light and healthy. This smoothie is good for detox. It is also suitable as a snack. Kiwi and cucumber are its main components, along with spinach leaves. It is also good for the liver and kidney. It's a perfect smoothie to have after a workout, too. It may also have some energizing effects when consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. Learn more about this smoothie here.

Berry Beet



Want to make a smoothie that is good as a pre-workout supplement, then it should contain beet. Beet is known to be rich in NO, and thus it can boost physical performance. Moreover, a pre-workout smoothie should be moderately rich in calories, provide antioxidants, help fight fatigue, and yet be easy to prepare. To make this smoothie take half a cup of almond milk and plain low-fat yogurt and blend it with berries and cooked beet. Use a tablespoon of honey as a sweetener.

Pumpkin Banana



The good thing about pumpkin is that it is easy to store and packed with vitamin A, K, copper, and many antioxidants. To make this smoothie, take half a cup of yogurt and almond milk, blend it with pumpkin puree (half a cup), add 1 tsp of maple syrup, one banana, and cinnamon for flavor.

Raspberry smoothie bowl



Smoothies are not necessarily for drinking; some of them can be pretty creamy and can be eaten with a spoon and have that satisfying effect of solid food. Moreover, this smoothie contains lots of beets to lower blood pressure and provide energy. It is also packed with nuts for some extra energy. Learn to make this smoothie bowl here.

Strawberry Smoothie Bowls



Suppose you are among those who do not like to have too many mild products, then this smoothie bowl is for you. Along with strawberries, it uses carrots, cucumber, and nuts for added energy. However, it does not use any kind of milk product. Learn to make this smoothie here.

Mango Chia Seed Smoothie



Mangoes could be a good source of carbs, fats, and vitamins. At the same time, chia seeds are an excellent source of fatty acids and dietary fiber. So, for those who love mangoes, this smoothie is perfect for them. Learn to make this smoothie here.

Peanut Banana Cinnamon Smoothie



Among the nuts, peanuts are the most affordable yet. Amazingly, they are also the most nutritious of all the nuts. They are rich in proteins, high-quality fats, moderately rich in carbs, and dietary fiber. Cinnamon is known to help reduce blood sugar and blood pressure and is suitable for metabolic health. So, cinnamon is not just about flavor. Learn to prepare this smoothie here.

Matcha Green Tea Smoothies



Matcha green tea is packed with antioxidants and catechins and is suitable for weight loss. It is also preferred over regular tea to protect the liver and detoxify the body. Unlike regular tea, its powder is easy to add to smoothies. So, if you want to have all the benefits of matcha tea and enjoy tropical flavors, prepare this smoothie containing mango and bananas. Learn more about this smoothie here.

Tropical Carrot Smoothie



Humans domesticated carrots thousands of years ago. However, many people do not know that carrots were mostly used as natural remedies and not as food before the medieval ages. Moreover, wild carrots were much smaller and thinner. If you are among those who love carrots, mango, pineapples, then this smoothie is for you. Learn to prepare this smoothie here.

Glowing Skin Green Juice



The secret ingredient of this smoothie is celery, which means that it is rich in vitamin C, K, and antioxidants. It is also suitable for detox and lowering inflammation. It reduces blood pressure, too. Learn to prepare this green smoothie here.

Final thoughts



Making smoothies is a fine art that can be readily mastered. It is not just good for health, but a delicious way to weight loss. Moreover, once you have mastered multiple recipes, you can also surprise your friends. 

Smoothies not only help with weight loss, but they also help get rid of unhealthy beverages and alcoholic drinks, detoxify the body, even cleanse the intestines, and much more. 

Smoothies are one of the best ways of fast weight loss. However, if you plan to replace meals with smoothies, preparing smoothies with different ingredients and colors would be good. So, one day make a green smoothie, another day orange. One day make smoothy from fruits, other days from berries or nuts. You can prevent micronutrient deficiencies and lose body weight safely by adding variety.

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