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The Quickest Way to Lose Weight - Weight Loss Guide

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Let’s accept the fact that most weight loss methods are not working. That is why obesity is increasing, and now two-thirds of adults in developed nations are obese. There are many reasons for the failure of weight loss methods. The two most effective weight loss methods, calorie restriction, and extensive exercise are highly demanding. There is a significant learning curve involved, and one also needs to dedicate considerable time to these efforts.

Thus, people are often looking for easy weight loss methods. After all, any method doesn’t matter how good, is of little value if people find it challenging to use. There is a need to find more straightforward ways of weight loss and help get a flat belly faster. Fortunately, there are many such methods, and one can use a few of these methods to reduce body weight quickly.

Intermittent fasting with a twist

There is nothing more effective than diet when it comes to weight loss. However, it also frightens most people, and they do not want to learn new things or stay hungry for long hours. For example, diets like the vegan diet or keto diet work, but it is not something that all people can practice. For instance, not everyone can give up animal products. Similarly, switching to the keto diet is even more complex, as giving so many carbs is challenging. Another way of weight loss is calorie restriction and calorie counting. But, again, let us accept that it is a highly impractical and difficult method. It is so difficult to count calories or learn about the calories in various foods. These are methods that are easier said than done. So, there is a need to find ways that do not involve many complexities, not much learning, and not giving up so many different foods. The simplest way of it could be a modified form of intermittent fasting. It is easy to start, as there is almost no learning involved, not many dietary compromises.

There are two forms of intermittent fasting methods that are very simple and can work for all. The number one method could be to stop eating after a specific time of the day. For example, you can start by stopping eating three hours before bedtime. Thus, if you sleep at 11 pm, stop eating after 8 pm. This is quite a simple way of weight loss. It may not work for all, but it would help in all cases. Eating before bedtime is a significant cause of obesity. If you do not see much benefit after 8-weeks, continue to reduce one more hour from it until you start experiencing the results. Thus, after 8-weeks, stop eating after 7 pm, and so on. A time will come when you will start experiencing significant weight loss. The good thing about this method is that there is no learning involved. Moreover, you can eat as usual for the rest of the day. The second method is to have fruit or seafood days. Thus, you can consume just fruits, vegetables, juices, smoothies for two days. Then, however, for the rest of the days, eat as usual. Here you can experiment in many ways. Like you can have a seafood weekend like eating only fish and salad at weekends. Here there are no hard and fast rules. Thus, one can have a fruit and salad day on Saturday and seafood day on Sunday. However, it is essential not to eat other foods these days like bread, rice, foods high in starch or carbs, and avoid too many oils. The above two methods are minimally restrictive yet quick and simple ways of getting a flat belly.

Enjoyable ways of calorie burning

If you are frightened by the thought of doing aerobic exercises for 45 minutes a day or hesitant to join aerobic classes, you are not alone. Most people would not like to engage in such a demanding workout session. Similarly, joining a gym is not for everyone, and neither planning to run 5 k is for everyone. But then, who said that there are no other ways to train and lose calories. Almost everyone can find one or another enjoyable way to start moving and burning calories in more satisfying ways. It could be going for long walks; for others, it may be swimming and joining dancing classes or doing gardening. You can also start practicing some sports like badminton, table tennis, etc. Or buy a cycle, and start going to a job on a bicycle. There are just hundreds of enjoyable ways of burning calories. One should start engaging in one or another physical activity, instead of boring aerobic sessions or gym. These other methods are equally effective, better for reducing stress, and excellent for weight loss.

Try meal replacement plans or weight loss shakes

It is yet another excellent way of one of the easiest ways to fat loss. There is almost minimal planning needed and no learning curve involved. These shakes are moderately rich in calories and dense in micronutrients. Thus, they not only help in weight loss but are good for health and may help prevent various chronic ailments. Almost all these ready-to-make shakes or meal replacement plans are based on similar principles. They are high in proteins and moderately rich in carbs and fats. Thus, they help control appetite, feel energized and provide sufficient calories. They also help boost metabolism.

It is good that they contain almost all the essential vitamins and minerals. Generally, two to three servings of these weight loss shakes would be enough to meet the daily requirement of micronutrients. These shakes are simple to include in lifestyle, and all one must do is replace certain meals with these weight loss shakes. Thus, one may skip breakfast or lunch and instead have weight loss shakes. Using these weight loss shakes make the weight loss program simple and does not require much planning. And, yet these shakes provide fast results. Not only that, but these shakes can also be seen as weight loss supplements. They contain high dietary fiber, probiotics, and various herbs to promote weight loss. Thus, one does not need to do much yet get quick results. A slightly more complex way of fast weight loss could be using smoothies. Again, one can learn various recipes. Smoothies generally contain milk, yogurt, or ice cream blended with multiple vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. There are hundreds of online recipes available. Unlike weight loss shakes, weight loss smoothies require some preparation time and skills, but it is an effort worth it. Smoothies are much more pleasant in taste, and one can make them almost daily for years.

Short-term liquid diet plan for fast weight loss

Another highly effective way for most people to lose weight is by switching to a liquid diet. However, it is vital to note that it should not be practiced for more than 12 weeks. The plan is simple. First, you start consuming only liquid foods. Liquid foods are naturally low in calories and yet abundant in vital nutrients. It means consuming soups, fresh juices, smoothies, meal replacement shakes, yogurt, milk, etc. One may start a plan slowly and discontinue slowly. However, do not start it abruptly. Thus, for example, one may switch to a liquid diet over a period of two weeks. After that, a person may continue the liquid diet for 12 weeks. This is followed by reintroducing the usual solid food for the next two weeks.

A liquid diet is also suitable for boosting metabolism and detoxifying the body. There are two known issues with a liquid diet that one must know beforehand. Firstly, it causes changes in the digestive tract, which may be an issue for some. One can consume prebiotics, fermented foods, and Greek yogurt to avoid these issues. Another problem is the risk of nutritional deficiencies. A liquid diet does not cause defects of micronutrients. Still, some people already live with such issues, and a liquid diet may worsen these problems. One way to tackle this problem is using supplements rich in vitamins and minerals. Another way could be using meal replacement plans that are rich in micronutrients. It is vital to understand that even a short-term liquid diet may cause significant metabolic stress. Thus, those living with heart disease or other severe chronic disorders must avoid this diet. However, it is safe to switch to this diet when living with mild to moderate type 2 diabetes.

Have a proteinaceous breakfast

It is again one of the more straightforward approaches to fast weight loss. The method is pretty simple, you just start eating lots of proteins in breakfast and eliminate almost all the carbs. Eliminating carbs from the diet may be challenging, but removing carbs from a single meal a day is pretty simple. You can eat boiled eggs, fish, nuts, and similar foods. However, do not eat bread, and one may even consume fats in moderate amounts. Of course, one can eat non-starchy vegetables like greens, berries, and some fruits, too.

Boost your dietary fiber intake

In recent years, there has been considerable interest in the role of dietary fiber in health. However, dietary fiber does not provide calories or nutrients. Thus dietitians could not understand its importance in food for long. They appear to be inert components of the diet. However, now science shows that they have many roles. For example, they help maintain intestinal motility, promote the growth of intestinal microbiota, slow down the absorption of glucose and fats, prevent glucose spikes, prevent insulin resistance, lower inflammation, and much more. It now appears that a diet low in dietary fiber is a significant contributor to metabolic disorders. Thus, boost your dietary fiber intake through fiber-rich foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, peas, legumes, nuts, and seeds. One may also supplement dietary fiber, especially when looking to flatten the belly fast and more readily.

Support gut bacteria

There is much written about microbiota and the role of probiotics. Nonetheless, it is worth understanding that science is still to understand the role of these bacteria in good health. There are trillions of bacteria living in the body, producing vitamins, fatty acids, neurotransmitters, and many other beneficial compounds. Thus, taking care of these good microbes living in the gut (microbiota) is essential for optimal health. One can do this by supplementing probiotics. However, a better way is to eat foods rich in pro and prebiotics. Thus, eat fermented foods regularly like kefir, yogurt, miso, etc. Also, eat more prebiotic foods like onion, banana, avocado, garlic, etc. New studies show that modulating the gut microbiota could be one of the ways of managing metabolic disorders and overcoming obesity.

Have sufficient sleep

People might not be moving enough, but they are also not sleeping enough. Sleeping and exercise are just two sides of the same coin. Sleep has a freshening effect on the body, and it is a time when the body regenerates. Sleep resets the brain and many other body functions, and it is a natural way to detox. Thus, have sufficient sleep of at least 7 hours or more every day.

Final thoughts

Quick and easy weight loss may sound unrealistic, but it is possible. There are many ways to make dietary changes, restrict calorie intake, tweak a diet, and make small lifestyle changes. Suppose a person can follow these multiple steps. In that case, their effect is additive resulting in a faster weight loss with minimal effort. Most of the steps mentioned above are effective, proven by science, and easy to practice.



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