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Ready For Weight Loss Goals For 2022? 7 Easy Diet Plans For Women

Ready For Weight Loss Goals For 2022? 7 Easy Diet Plans For Women

If you're boarding on your weight loss journey, choose the most effective diet plan suitable for your body to shed those extra kilograms and get back in shape.

Being on a diet is not just about losing weight. Instead, it's a gateway towards attaining a healthy lifestyle, balanced intake of calories, and overall improvement in the habits.

So, whichever diet you choose to stay fit and lose those extra pounds to fit back in your favorite jeans, make sure it is a nutrient-dense diet that doesn't make you starve by curbing your appetite but works towards keeping you active rejuvenated.

Men and women vary in their physiological needs and even have a distinct approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and losing some weight.

Therefore, it is advisable to carefully analyze the intricacies of the diet plan you’re choosing to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Choosing A Weight Loss Meal Plan

You'll come across many meal plans when embarking on your weight loss journey. But it would be best if you kept in mind that everybody is different and should be treated distinctly to fulfill its requirements.

This means that the impact of each diet varies in sustainability and effectiveness for other individuals.

It is vital to consider a few factors when selecting the right meal plan. A lot depends on your personal needs and lifestyle.

For instance, some women might prefer a completely structured, extensive meal plan to reduce their waistline rigorously. In contrast, others might want to opt for options that offer some flexibility.

It also depends on the effort you're willing to put in. The additional task of calculating portion sizes, logging in calories, and searching for the right ingredients might seem too overwhelming for some.

It might deter them from abiding by the diet plan. They would prefer a more straightforward approach toward weight loss and avoid highly restrictive diets.

It is crucial to select your meal plans wisely, ensuring they do not eliminate any one food group. Although you can stick to such plans in the short run, they are unreliable in the longer run.

Moreover, missing out on any one nutrient can cause deprivation in the body and is likely to have an adverse impact, so it certainly isn't the best choice.

There are plenty of different meal plans devised to meet the diverse dietary needs of the various individuals.

Choose a plan that is in accordance with your age. Consider any underlying health conditions that you may have.

Women undergoing hormonal imbalances, depression, PCOS, menopause, diabetes, heart ailments, or any other health issue must follow a structured plan that aligns with their body needs.

For such cases, we highly recommend connecting with a healthcare specialist who can best guide you about your dietary needs and the well-conditioned changes you need to make for the well-being of your body.

7 Easy Diet Plans for Women in 2022

We've put together a comprehensive list of straightforward weight loss plans that can be tailored according to your specific needs. Check out the diet programs that can help you nudge down the scale without compromising your health.

Weight Watchers

Since it came into being in the 1960s, Weight Watchers has become quite a popular weight loss program. Whether you've embarked on a weight loss journey earlier or not, WW surely would be a familiar name around you.

How does this program work? If you're not looking for something too rigorous and prefer a smooth and sustainable weight loss plan, this one's certainly for you.

This program works by assigning each food item a specific number of points based on its nutritional value and calorie count.

The users take an online quiz to provide their details, so the plan knows about your body mass, choices, lifestyle, and health dynamics. It then devises a daily budget of Personal Points for the users.

All you need to do is keep tracking the points of your daily consumption in the app and make sure you stay within the allotted budget. Don't forget to miss out on logging your points in the app to stay on track.

You can observe considerable weight loss without any specific restrictions or nutrient limitations. It does, however, aid you in making healthier food choices by regulating your diet and altering your preferences.

In fact, the app does a lot more than just counting and monitoring your calories. You can access multiple workout regimens based on your physique, age, and weight. It also provides added benefits of group workshops and personal coaching if you wish to avail them.

Regardless of age, this program is the right fit for you if you consider a sustainable and steady weight loss journey.

If you're concerned about how much this diet plan actually costs, worry not, as the rates are highly affordable.

With a vast range of subscription plans available on the website, the charges begin from around $22 a month. You can also access numerous sample meal plans and recipes for a facile weight loss journey.

Over the years, the WW plan has been one of the most effective plans. You can surely place your trust in it to shed some extra pounds. There is considerable evidence to depict the effectiveness of the Weight Watchers diet plan.

A study showed that people who adopted the diet regimen of WW had an 8 times greater chance of losing weight over a period of 6 months.


If you're looking for a simple, easily accessible, yet highly personalized diet plan to achieve your weight loss goals, then Noom is the right platform for you.

A relatively new weight loss plan that has sprung on the market, Noom aids you in losing weight by applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and devising meal plans for you.

Although it doesn't inhibit the consumption of any specific food, this diet plan encourages the use of low-calorie foods that are otherwise rich in nutrients.

You'll see how it focuses on the intake of fruits and vegetables, as these are the kinds of food items that ultimately result in weight loss.

What's more interesting is that you can connect with health coaches to guide you further, resolve your queries and enhance your motivation. You can get access to a rich library of salubrious recipes to make your meals simpler.

In your search for sustainable and long-lasting weight loss, without being too robust on your metabolic system and keeping firm control of your hormones, you should try Noom.

You can easily track and log in your progress with its vast features while instilling wholesome eating habits and healthy practices.

If you wish to subscribe to this app, you can find reasonable packages, beginning from just $60 a month. Once you subscribe to the plan, you'll be provided with online consultation, tailored meal plans, and a road to a healthy lifestyle according to your needs.


Primarily focusing on the intake of healthy food sources, the DASH diet - Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension - provides a blend of weight loss and lower blood pressure results.

DASH facilitates both aims for women looking for weight loss diet plans without compromising their health. In fact, it is a step towards a healthy heart, reduced belly fat, and a lower weight, among the many benefits.

Although not extremely strict in terms of nutrients consumed by the body, it encourages the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins while limiting high carbs, high sugars, saturated fats, and dietary cholesterol.

With its calorie-restricted diet plan, you can not only lose weight but also avail yourself the anti-inflammatory, healthy heart benefits.

This diet can remarkably help women struggling with obesity to decrease their body fat, lower their blood pressure and live a healthy lifestyle. It can help reduce the risk of breast and colorectal cancers.

The DASH diet has been known to considerably reduce the body weight, fat percentage, and fat mass in the body while preserving muscle stress in a relatively short period.

Bistro MD

Suppose you've got a busy schedule to take time out to prepare and follow a healthy, well-rounded meal plan. In that case, Bistro MD offers excellent options for you if you want the needle on the scale to go down.

Incorporating the efforts of both nutritionists and chefs, you get a complete meal delivered to your doorstep. Once you sign up for the program, BistroMD devises a customized weight loss plan tailored to your needs.

For example, understanding women's hormonal changes during menopause, special plans are designed to care for their needs.

BistroMD provides you with all-inclusive, delicious meals that score top from a health perspective. The planning, shopping, and cooking part of your meals eliminate itself, so it has to be the least worry.

It just doesn't end with the prepared meals. You'll be guided with a constant diet analysis, personalized support from fitness coaches and dietitians, and an extensive library of informational articles.

With an array of diet plans to choose from, BistroMD has various diet plans that can be tailored according to your needs, offering packages for 5- and 7-days programs and customized options.


Losing weight itself can be pretty daunting. The stress augments when you have to take care of devising, prepping, cooking the meal plans, and then making an additional effort to count and log in the calories. If you're too busy for all this, then check out the impressive services of NutriSystem.

Take a sigh of relief as this program has covered all aspects. From thinking of the meal plans to preparing the food and measuring the portions, Nutrisystem does it all for you.

You can carry on with your bustling life without stress about healthily satiating your hunger. The meal plan of NutriSystem encourages you to eat up to 6 meals and snacks a day.

Reduce the portion size but eat more frequently to keep your metabolism paced up. More so, this way, the diet makes sure you are always filled up, rather than starving for food amidst your meal gaps.

The good part is that the program offers a diverse array of food choices – more than 150 different options to choose from. So, you would never be left unsatisfied with the massive variety offered by NutriSystem.

With your food prepared and delivered to your doorstep, no force can stop you from losing weight. All you need to do is diligently stick to your plan and observe commendable results.

With NutriSystem's Uniquely Yours Plans, you can enjoy a customized meal plan for yourself on a budget. The program is a special treat for diabetic women whose weight loss meal plans can be curated efficiently by NutriSystem.

Low Carb Diet

A balanced intake of all nutrients is what our body requires to function efficiently and prevent itself from accumulating those extra pounds.

Consuming an excess of carbs means the calories are deposited in our bodies; what you then observe is the needle on the weighing scale going up.

If you're looking for a healthy weight loss regime with structured diet plans and straightforward guidelines, switching to a low-carb diet is the best option. Added sugars, starchy foods, and refined grains do not have a significant impact on our health.

Limiting your intake of carbs down to around 1/4th of your total calorie consumption can have stark benefits for your body. Your body is likely to burn more calories throughout the day, and you're likely to observe evident changes in your weight in a short period.

A study showed that women suffering from obesity lost an average of 8.5 kg over 6 months.

For women with no health issues, this form of diet can, in fact, aid in the regulation of hormone levels, improve menstrual regularity, and control blood pressure.

The good part is that you can alter the restrictiveness of the diet according to your preferences.

You might choose a moderately low carb diet if the extremely low carb seems too limiting, but keep in mind that the weight loss results would also be noticeable at a slower pace.


The Freshly Diet Program provides a gateway for you to consume healthy, nutritious, and measured meals to make the overwhelming endeavor of losing the extra kilos easier for you.

For all those women who don't want to get into the hassle of preparing meals for themselves, Freshly offers a unique solution.

The dietary, nutritional, and chef specialists at Freshly come together to curate healthy, gluten-free meals prepared with fresh ingredients. The perfect fusion of taste and nutrient-dense foods are pre-packaged and delivered right at your doorstep.

You need to pop the minimally processed food in the microwave and wait for 3 minutes, and you're good to go.

To cater to the diverse clientele Freshly offers three different dietary programs - Signature Collection, Freshly Fit and Purely Plant. To keep the calorie intake controlled, the Freshly Fit variant has each meal comprising fewer than 500 calories to aid in weight loss steadily.

On the other hand, if you prefer a vegan diet, then Purely Plant is just the right choice. Nutritious meals are prepared with an extensive selection of plant-based and dairy-free ingredients.

In addition, with its vast selection of meals to choose from for your lunch and dinner, it is safe to say that Freshly would never fail to satiate your taste palate. Offering over 40 choices of meals throughout the week, you can relish ambrosial foods.

However, keep in mind that Freshly has yet to provide breakfast options, so that's one thing you'll have to work on.


With the hormonal shifts constantly playing around with our bodies, sometimes combined with specific health ailments, losing weight can undoubtedly be challenging.

Our bodies certainly have different ways of storing fat, weight gaining tendencies, and metabolic rates, so we need to resort to different diet plans to lose weight effectively.

Amidst the effortful endeavor to lose weight, we need to ensure we keep the side effects to the minimum, which can become evident in hair loss, moodiness, depression, excessive sweating, etc.

For this reason, we've assisted you through a collection of realistic diet plans that are healthy and sustainable, helping you keep those extra pounds off even in the long term. All diets work best when amalgamated with a rejuvenating lifestyle incorporating wholesome habits and an active workout regimen.



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