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Adele's Weight Loss Journey And How She Lost 100 Pounds

Adele's Weight Loss Journey And How She Lost 100 Pounds

The pandemic has harmed America's obesity rate. According to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 states now have obesity rates of 35% or greater.

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, many Americans have gained significant weight due to increased sedentary behavior, stress, and job and income loss, making healthy eating more difficult.

Although people tried losing weight, there was no downward trend when we looked at the calorie intake. Eating less and exercising less won't help you lose weight in the long run because your body regulates how much fat it stores, and that regulation is beyond your control.

Instead of pondering extensive ways to lose weight, you could always be inspired by the words of a sensation in singing, Adele.

Adele released her first album in six years, 30, on November 19, and it was well-received by reviewers and fans alike. She explores her divorce, motherhood, and the ever-present scrutiny of fame in it.

In addition to praising the British singer's fourth studio album, the record's media attention has prompted doubts about her recent wellness journey. As numerous publications claimed, what was the reason for the singer's 45kg (100lb) weight loss?

Let's dig a little deeper into the world Adele's weight loss has presented as she goes through her weight loss journey.

Who is Adele?

Adele is a 34-year-old famous singer who began her career in 2008. That year, she released her debut album, 19, which included the UK top-five songs "Chasing Pavements" and "Make You Feel My Love." The album was recognized because of Adele's unique vocals, and the public appreciated her confidence.

Adele's songs have had a massive impact on the music industry, with her constantly raising the bar as a UK singer who was heard worldwide because of her powerful voice and beautiful songs.

She has a massive fan following, sold over 120 million records, won 15 Grammy Awards, and released a new album. But none of her accomplishments have gotten her as much attention as Adele's weight loss experience, and she wants people to know how she genuinely achieved it.

Adele's Weight Loss Journey

Adele had been constantly taunted and mocked due to her weight. She was considered obese, although it did not affect her music or self-esteem. She decided to lose weight when she felt the time was right.

And with COVID being the most significant factor in people putting up weight, it, on the contrary, eventually led to Adele's weight loss journey, including another huge factor.

Adele's weight loss journey began in 2018 after quietly ending her relationship with Simon Cowell (although the public did not find out about the breakup until 2019). Adele was amid her "Year of Anxiety," during which she felt the gym was essential for her.

She told Vogue, "It became my time." "I found I didn't have any nervousness when working out." It was never about shedding pounds. 'If I can make my body physically strong, which I can feel and see, then maybe one day I might make my emotions and intellect physically powerful, too,' she reasoned.

Adele admits that going through a divorce was a terrible period for her. Still, she credits the separation with motivating her to get into shape. She now exercises two or three times every day.

In October 2021, a rare interview was given to Vogue on Adele's weight loss. She told the readers about her trainer, Gregg Miele, and how she had "probably spent more time with him in the previous three years than anyone else."

Adele looked better when she changed her lifestyle and lost many pounds. More importantly, the singer appeared to be her happiest and most confident self in recent months.

She has spoken personally about her journey on various online platforms. She has mentioned continuously that what other people said never mattered to her. She did it when she felt confident enough to go through it. She also spoke about staying away from social media during her weight loss.

Adele's weight loss practice had a massive training routine, which she attributes to her change, not just to change her physical appearance. The singer claimed that she put her faith in her trainer to ensure she followed the schedule he had provided and continued living a healthy life.

Adele eventually brought up various tips on how she lost her weight. Many people follow her guide to get the most significant weight loss experience.

How Much Weight Did Adele Lose?

Even though Adele has never stated that she shed 100 pounds, a fan got the scoop from her at the start of 2020. It all happened while Adele was on holiday in Anguilla with pals, including Harry Styles, on New Year's Eve.

Fans visiting the same resort requested selfies with the British musician, and the photos rapidly went popular on social media. The public was taken aback by Adele's weight loss transformation, and speculation regarding her weight loss began almost immediately.

Lexi Larson, a 19-year-old college student, was one of the fans who met Adele in Anguilla. She told people about meeting Adele at a restaurant and having the opportunity to speak with her.

Lexi revealed, "She said she lost over 100 pounds." "And that it's been such an incredible, life-changing experience." She seemed ecstatic and looked stunning, and she exuded self-assurance."

Adele's Weight Loss Tips

Here are a few fundamental weight loss secrets Adele previously revealed.

Do It For Yourself

The first and foremost tip she gives her followers is to lose weight for themselves—she emphasizes that she was never self-conscious throughout her obesity days. People know that she has always been a body-positive person.

This is precisely why she emphasizes working on yourself only when you want to, not when others want you to.

Practice Reform Pilates

Adele's weight loss included one practice, which was the one fitness routine she lived by, which is reformer pilates. This is an exercise that Meghan Markle also enjoys.

This exercise uses specific equipment that helps you work on your core, increase flexibility, and gain strength.

She claimed that this was quickly one of the primary reasons she could lose weight but gain strength. She might have gotten skinnier, but her muscles got more robust.

Mix Up Your Exercise

Adele has previously stated that she works out every morning with weights. She later heads out to go on a jog or indulge in boxing during the afternoon and cardio in the evening.

Previously, the mother-of-one mentioned that she dislikes exercising; it doesn't come easy. Adele’s weight loss comments included her saying that she constantly whined and found it hard heading to the gym, mostly because she dislikes looking at herself in the mirror as she worked out.

Try HIIT Workouts

US Dalton Wong is a well-known trainer who has worked with celebrities like Vogue Williams and Jennifer Lawrence. This is why Adele's weight loss routine included him when it came to working out at home to help her lose weight.

She made a tribute to Sharon Stone's character from Casino, the famed Ginger Rothstein, by sharing a selfie of herself on Instagram. She had her hair styled in a 60's ponytail, and she captioned the photo with a joke about her new workout routine, stating that she would cry before, but now she sweats.

Limit Sugar

It's no surprise that the British occasionally enjoy a nice cup of tea. Still, Adele once revealed that her fondness for the hot beverage contributed to her excessive sugar consumption. She previously said she would drink ten cups of tea with two sugars each. So, Adele's weight loss technique lets go of this extensive digesting of at least twenty sugars a day.

Too much sugar in your diet can lead to weight gain, weariness, and lack of energy, so Adele's weight loss tip was that people who wanted to lose weight would likely feel much healthier and more focused once they have stopped drinking sweet tea.

Appreciate Your Body

Glennon Doyles's book Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living was a book that Adele claims to have improved her relationship with her body. She even took this self-help book to her Instagram to share.

The singer claimed that the book helped her feel stressed and unruly. She said it felt like she had just entered her body for the first time. Adele's weight loss journey led her to this intriguing book.

This book was another factor in Adele's weight loss journey, which made her think more profoundly and made her soul feel like screaming, but only when she felt ready. She mentioned that reading this book prepared her for any adversities that came her way, and she felt as if she had just landed in her body.

She took to another interview and stated that you don't need to be overweight to be body positive; you can be any shape or size.

What Other Ways Helped Adele?

Everyone wants to know about her nutrition since she underwent such a dramatic alteration. Many people identify Adele's weight loss diet with the Sirt diet, a low-calorie strategy that relies on sirtuin activation.

Blueberries, strawberries, red wine, and dark chocolate are part of the sirtfood diet. Though among celebrities, sirtfood is a trendy diet, and many have lost weight.

On the other hand, Adele refutes any claims that she follows the so-called "sirtfood diet." "I haven't done any kind of diet," she remarked. "There will be no intermittent fasting and nothing. Because I work out so hard, I eat more than I used to."

Despite Adele's weight-loss statements and clarifications, it has been reported that the singer's weight loss metamorphosis was achieved through keto diet tablets.

The singer's incredible weight reduction results are thanks to the powerful influence of keto diet pills, which are based on the ketogenic strategy of converting your body into a fat-burning machine by cutting carb intake to 5% and increasing fat intake by 70%.

Adele’s Take On Her Transformation

Adele stayed away from the public eye during her weight loss journey. It stayed this way for several months before the news of her weight loss became public during her vacation in January 2020.

Fans learned about her slimmer new body on her birthday in May. She shared a photo on her Instagram where she was wearing a cute black dress to celebrate her birthday, and the response she got was incredible.

When she spoke to British Vogue, she claimed she did not lose weight using unhealthy ways. She made a huge statement about how people make a big deal out of it because the plot was spread across two years.

She didn't tell people about her weight loss journey, and it made them speculate since celebrities documenting every detail of their lives is normalized on social media.

Adele's weight loss caused a lot of commotion in society, but she didn't care. Adele claims that she did this for herself and no one else. Even though she could have gotten some significant deals with diet companies, she didn't care because this was her body and whatever she did was her privacy.

In an interview with Oprah, Adele's weight loss journey was discussed. She said she was always body-positive, whether before losing weight or after. She felt that people put too much importance on her, to the point that Adele thought she had to validate their feelings about their bodies. She felt this was not her responsibility.

She is trying her best to organize her life into a healthy one. She does not have the time to be motivating other women and men never to change their bodies.


Adele was one of the people who was looked up to when she was obese. However, even after Adele's weight loss, she is still a celebrity who inspires many.

No matter what others said about her in both conditions, she remained true to who she was. She always reminds her followers that just because her body has changed doesn't mean what she represents has changed.

Adele's weight loss guide is worth reading about because it's more than just your typical diet plan to follow.



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